A Few Hedgehogs, A Whole Lot of Foxes

A Quick Explanation

A Few Hedgehogs, A Whole Lot of Foxes

A Few Hedgehogs, A Whole Lot of Foxes

We are data nerds around here.

Like most data nerds, we are huge fans of Nate Silver’s approach to statistical analysis and methodology when approaching large complex sets of information. Generating data is one thing, properly drawing out effective use is another thing entirely. This is especially true than when attempting to create positive impact. For Social Innovation the right read of data can be incredibly powerful. An incorrect analysis can be devastating.

Nate’s explanation of Hedgehogs and Foxes originally showed up in his excellent book, The Signal And the Noise – there is an excerpt on What the Fox Knows.

Five Thirty Eight and The Signal And The Noise are both genius for a variety of reasons. Most critically for our world – Anyone starting to think about the increasingly data driven world and the social impacts of data in general, these are where you should start.

But this not why we love the Foxes and Hedgehogs concept.

Here’s the thing – a world full of foxes is where Reluminati fits, frankly that is what most of us are. We try to approach each project with an independent lens, we chafe a bit at unifying frameworks – the world just seems too nuanced for this to be effective.

But every so often the Hedgehog goes from a liability, to enabling hegemonic change. Sometimes through sheer force of will (and perhaps a dash of delusional behavior) leaders and approaches emerge that move the needle in a significant way. Sometimes you need that person that knows one big thing.

At Reluminati we try and balance the incredible everyday value of the Fox, while incorporating just enough Hedgehog. We have our own delusions of what the world looks like with some key social, technological and environemental changes. When confronting such massive challenges or facing incredible opportunity, sometimes it is all hand on deck.

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