Catalyzing Change Through Pop Culture – Reware


Catalyzing Change Through Pop Culture – Reware

A Consumer Product Experiment

In a noisy world, innovative approaches to Identity, Brand, Communications, matter more than ever.

Here is an immutable truth – if you can’t communicate your ideas or engage with your customer, you will not succeed. As much as we crow about the dawning of a new world, the changing of industry as we know it, or the rise of the Impact economy, some truths just remain.

In early 2004 Reluminati gave our entrepreneurs a challenge: Experiment with pop-culture messaging and mainstream identity positioning, create a general market brand that could introduce the rise of renewable energy to the average consumer.

The solution: A brand called Reware and a rollout of everything from a t-shirt line, to a catalog of solar-charging messenger bags that made renewable fun, functional and accessible.

It was a good story: by 2008, Reware had generated coverage by CBS, ABC, CNN, Wired, Time, and many others. Reware products could be found in 300 stores in the U.S. and over 11 countries worldwide.

Regardless of the impact organization, Reluminati specializes in building a brand narrative that generates awareness.

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