Convening the Future of Cities – NIST/USIgnite

Project Management

Convening the Future of Cities – NIST/USIgnite

The Global City Team Challenge & the “Internet of Things”.

Reluminati has spent a decade managing institutional projects that catalyze systemic change.

Recently, we were asked to manage The Global City Teams Challenge – an incredible collaboration between USIgnite and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Building upon the SmartAmerica initiative in which more than 100 organizations, including IBM, Intel, and Qualcomm formed 24 research teams – the GCT Challenge was designed to advance actual deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. IoT innovators from around the world have been brought together to work collaboratively over the coming year to build, deploy and test transformative IoT applications within communities across the U.S.

Reluminati provides day-today project management support of the Global Cities initiative and is assisting the very teams reimagining what cities of the future will look like.

Are you struggling with this kind implementation? We love managing the complexities of these projects, creating the right narrative to bring stakeholders to the table, and actually executing on the results. Let us help.