Making Marketing Dollars Matter – Audi


Making Marketing Dollars Matter – Audi

Using Social Innovation to Enhance a Brand.

The rules of traditional advertising are changing.

At Reluminati we are on the leading edge of this shift, experimenting with Social Innovation Strategy and helping brands explode out of the advertising noise by linking to something deeper, something that matters – Social Impact.

Recently Audi of America asked Reluminati to assist in the launch its first electric vehicle by convening a small innovation team. We focused on an increasingly key segment distinction – is your EV “charged by coal” by using the grid, or “charged by the sun”? Between a bundled car/home solar option, and a community-investment campaign to fund solar parking lots, Reluminat crafted a plan that will propel the E-TRON brand into the national spotlight.

This is not window dressing, the program was designed to scale, return investment to community partners, and catalyze a new market sector for both commercial and residential solar.

Let Reluminati design a Social Innovation strategy for your organization. We work directly with clients, or through advertising agencies or P.R. firms to make your Marketing Dollars Matter.