Managing Complexity – Kaiser Permanente

Project Management

Managing Complexity – Kaiser Permanente

The Impact of Distributed Smart Sensors.

Smart systems have arrived.

New system architectures are changing the face of a myriad of sectors – in community broadband, building operations, and many others. Reluminati understands complex project management and what it takes to implement new initiatives in a variety of organizational settings.

When Kaiser Permanente asked us to guide an impact design session for their energy infrastructure, we lept at the chance. What started as two day Catalyst session with the KP executive team, has resulted in using our proprietary smart energy implementation toolkit to craft a set of solutions.

Together Reluminati and KP executives have worked through understanding what the company has, what it needs, and developed a workable RFP path to select top tier implementation experts.

For Kaiser this is not a “nice to have” sustainability project. This is a CFO level decision to implement smart building technologies that drive down operational costs and positively impact the bottom line for a Fortune 500 company. Reluminati can help your business do the same – regardless of size.

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