Deploying Microgrids – Univ. of Notre Dame / Accenture

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Deploying Microgrids – Univ. of Notre Dame / Accenture

Renewable Energy and Entrepreneurship in Uganda

Distributed systems architecture is fundamentally shifting infrastructure development on a global level.

The Reluminati team has been working with the University of Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development (NDIGD) and Accenture to empower disconnected communities in northern Uganda. The fundamental question: What does a sustainable model of electricity delivery look like for the 90% of Ugandans that the electric grid does not serve? Further, how do you catalyze business and entrepreneurship with reliable power?

Together NDIGD and Reluminati designed and deployed three innovative solar microgird systems that are economically self-sustaining, and support new ventures for a cadre of entrepreneurs trained at the pilot sites.

Developing a technical strategy, enabling community engagement strategies, managing the day-to-day system development, training and supporting the deployment team during setup – creating resilient distributed solutions is part of the core mission around here.

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