Scaling An Impact Brand – Plant

Innovation Strategy

Scaling An Impact Brand – Plant

Brand, Data, Scale:
Revolutionizing Residential Solar

What does it take to build an impact company from scratch?

At our heart we are entrepreneurs, having built impact focused companies and organizations across a variety of sectors. As a team we are unhealthily obsessed with seeing these products scale to their full potential.

In 2014, the newly formed Plant Smart Energy Systems needed trusted advisors that both understood the residential solar market, and what it takes to create scalable customer engagement.

To catalyze Plant, Reluminati built a small team of solar sector experts and brand building specialist – creating tactical relationships in the Solar Energy world, linking Plant to strategic partners, funders, and key hires to help scale quickly and build a sense of community into the Plant brand.

In a classic Reluminati way, we now think of the Plant team as family. With the brand scaling nationally, Reluminati has been there, supporting the company from the inside – managing complex implementation projects, and serving as trusted innovation ally.

Avoid the the pitfalls, accelerate scale – Reluminati can help.