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We Are Reluminati

What Exactly Is The Impact Economy?

It used to be that the world of great ideas came in two categories – ones that made companies more efficient, made them more competitive, and made them more money. On the other side – initiatives that were more redeeming, more responsible, and more popular.

Times have changed. The world has shifted.

Today emerging technology and new social patterns are blurring that distinction. The next 50 years of innovation will be defined by products, services, and industries that deliver meaningful social impact on a global scale.

We call it the Impact Economy.

The companies and organizations that begin to connect these pieces will thrive. The rest…will be fossils.

 How can we help you?

Reluminati is a collaborative network of entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, scientists, & adventurers that are driving the Impact Economy.

Through our client work and our own initiatives, we seek to better understand this new world, help make these opportunities more accessible to everyone.

The Work.

For Our Partners.

For 10 years, Reluminati has been devising social impact strategies and projects in partnerships around the world.

From the studio setting itself, to our curated network of experts and innovators, and especially for our strategic partners – we believe in collaboration.

Through Social Innovation Strategy and a Curated Crowd of experts, Reluminati supports consulting groups, advertising agencies, public relations firms, foundations, investors, and more. Plug our team of experts and innovators into your client work.

For Impact Companies.
We are entrepreneurs with a history of building successful, socially impactful companies in a variety of sectors. We understand the challenges and pit-falls you face navigating these emerging industries.

For our clients, we identify ways to leverage your core business as a mechanism to produce social impact on a global scale.

These are the initiatives that make businesses stronger and more resilient while creating the kind of social and civic change that attracts brilliant minds, improves the bottom line, and builds positive global brand attention. These are the essentials of a new era in business.

For Organizations & Governments.

In an increasingly data driven world, not-for-profits, NGOs, and municipalities face a landscape that is changing fast, one where funding is under pressure and where an entrepreneurial approach can really help.

Our technical experts have supported a wide variety of not-for-profits entities over the years – whether it is innovating to diversify revenue, boosting existing impact programs, or integrating emerging technology into your mission. We can help.

The Studio - Just a Little Bit Different.

The Team - A Broad, Global Network Of Impact Experts.

Zach Lyman

Zach Lyman – Founder & Managing Director

Zach Lyman is a serial entrepreneur who has spent nearly 15 years at the crossroads of emerging technology and social innovation. In 2006 Zach founded ZeroBase Energy, providing renewable energy micro-grid solutions across the globe, revolutionizing rural electrification, disaster reconstruction, and remote communications. These days Zach advises a wide range of entrepreneurs, NGOs, and the U.S. Military on strategic use of distributed systems architecture, market strategy, brand creation, and more.

Jordan Engel

Jordan Engel – Research, Technology, Implementation

Jordan Engel, an award-winning photographer and accomplished juggler, provides strategy, communication, innovation, and technology advisory. He has advised corporations like Lockheed Martin, agencies including NASA, DHS, and NGA, and nonprofits like Ashoka and IMT. Additionally he advises technology-oriented social enterprises as a mentor with the Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI) and William James Foundation. Jordan is the proud father of two bilingual 7-year-old soccer players, as well as two beautiful autonomous multicopters.

River Finlay

River Finlay – Film and Media

Former public health wunderkind, River spent many years living and working in Latin America as a public health expert. With a deep appreciation for good storytelling, River left her day job and set out use film, social media, and traditional advertising techniques to create meaningful behavior change and advocacy across the globe. She melds her worlds of international heath and development with film working with clients like The World Bank, and Discovery Chanel, NGO’s and companies interested in channeling marketing dollars for real impact.

Bill Maguire

Bill Maguire – Policy, Public/Private Partnerships

An expert on technology policy issues, Bill draws on 20 experience to help clients develop strategies and messaging to ensure their interests and priorities resonate with key stakeholders. As former Chief of Staff to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), a $4.7 billion initiative to fund broadband infrastructure, Bill has witnessed first-hand the transformative power of public/private partnerships using broadband network assets to help advance economic development goals, strengthen communities and address vexing challenges facing local, state and federal government.

Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy – Research, Engineering, and Deployment 

Patrick has more than 20 years of experience as a systems engineer and an operations research analyst. Most recently, he has applied his expertise to analyze, craft and lead environmentally and economically sustainable energy solutions in the US and Sub-Saharan Africa. Patrick managed research programs in the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA) to provide for more resilient electric power systems. He also led efforts to develop mobile sheltering solutions for worldwide deployment, and for integration of electric vehicles into the electric grid.

Henry Gentenaar

Henry Gentenaar – Communications and Marketing Strategy 

An original founder of the Reluminati collective, Henry has nearly 25 years of marketing/communications experience having developed brand and communications outreach programs for organizations including Giant Foods, Sodexho, Hershey, Pfizer. More recently he has worked with a variety of institutions on using traditional communications techniques for Social Impact including The Smithsonian and the Dept. of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Eric Carlson

Eric Carlson – Planning and Design

Eric, AIA, LEED AP, is an architect and entrepreneur who has worked in the energy and environment field for more than 20 years. He has conducted design, feasibility and planning studies, and executed performance and market analyses on a variety of impact technologies. He has also created branding strategies, interactive applications, educational programs and exhibits for government, industry, private clients, major museums and public organizations. His recent projects incorporate artifical intelligence and robotics.

Pallavi Shah

Pallavi Shah – Business Strategy and Impact Analysis

Pallavi specializes in integrating social impact into traditional business strategies. She has worked in the private, public, multilateral, and NGO sectors, with clients in the US and emerging markets. For IFC, Deutsche Bank, Calvert Asset Management Co, the EPA, and others, Pallavi has devised a variety of toolkits to improve impact technology lending, and enable social responsibility evaluation. When she’s not catalyzing impact investment around the globe, Pallavi is a freelance photographer with special love of shooting sports and music.

Tim Woodcock

Tim Woodcock – Execution, Community Engagement and Strategy

Tim is an around-the-clock, on-the-ground operative fluent in the sales, marketing, policy, operations, finance, and technology. Tim built and directed membership, fundraising, and policy platforms for Water Defense and The Solutions Project. In the private sector, Tim pioneered SolarCity’s field expansion into Long Island, and later directed the sales force and go-to-market strategy for Dow’s PowerHouse Solar Shingles across the tri-state area. Tim likes afro-beat, loves his bicycle and has, when pushed, been known to hackysack.

Seth Faulb

Seth Faulb – Project Management, Patent Process Expertise

Seth’s has a background in engineering and product management. Following in Einstein’s footsteps as patent examiner at the US Patent Office, Seth was able to see first hand new products and innovations being created and glean invaluable insight into the patient process – insight he lends to his clients on a regular basis. Doing double duty as a MBA candidate at the University of Maryland, Seth brings a strong analytical approach and solid management skills to the impact work at Reluminati.

Network Partners.

SFCollective – Impact Advertising

With pedigrees from some of the biggest and best agencies around the world, SF Collective offers access to to top shelf talent without the overhead of the traditional advertising agency model. Whether it’s launching a national brand campaign, executing a local market stunt or establishing a social media presence, SF Collective can help. Our network has expertise in both traditional and digital advertising and can handle the full scope of work from concept to in-market solutions.

Lyman Morse Technologies – Hardware Prototyping, Deployment Support

Lyman-Morse is a recognized leader in rapid prototyping, systems integration, and advanced composites science. Whether it’s deploying renewable energy products in Haiti, or supporting efforts to re-imagine sanitation systems in Kenya, Lyman-Morse can help you solve the complex technical problems involved in moving from concept, to prototype, to real-world deployment – Lyman Morse brings a unique mix of state-of-the-art facilities, some of the world’s finest craftsmen and engineers, as well as a deep understanding of product operation in harsh environments.

Presence – Digital Product Development

Presence is a digital product strategy and development consultancy for web, mobile, and internet connected products. The Presence team blends deep technology expertise with business acumen to deliver digital products and services that create real business value and impact. Projects range from accelerating product development by extending capabilities of existing teams to fully executing on a product concept and vision.

HealthxDesign – Outcomes Based Design Strategy

HealthxDesign explores and communicates the role of design, including the built environment, to improve health and related social justice outcomes. With strong focus on metrics, all projects within the conceptual and organizational umbrella of HealthxDesign aim to build a collective knowledge base for “what works,” in order to scale-up promising approaches for this fledgling area of innovation in health programs.