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Accelerating Innovation.

Tshumbe – Supporting Technical Education in Africa

Enabling Innovation: Advisory and Consultation

U.S. Solar Decathlon

ZeroBase Energy: Building A Renewable Energy Company

LymanMorse Boatbuilding: Green Facilities Design

The United States Department of Energy: Communicating Clean Tech

Juice Bags: Clean Tech for the Consumer

Reware: Building a Retail Brand.

The Regenerator: Mobile Renewable Energy

Sun Edison: Identity & Why it Matters.


Follow along as Reluminati chronicles the systemic change they see happening across society and around the globe, and their work to develop real-world, solutions-based approaches that can make a difference.

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Recent Observations on the Healthcare Connect Fund

25th September 2013 By Bill Maguire

Bill Maguire on Reluminati’s ongoing project to enable meaningful rural healthcare delivery by leveraging new broadband deployment.

In addition to talking recent TeleHealth developments, Bill introduces a new whitepaper on the massive opportunity that exists for stakeholders.

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Make Brand, Not War

15th August 2012 By Henry Gentenaar

Reluminati Managing Partner Henry Gentenaar makes the marketing case for international trade peace in solar energy, suggesting that a company should invest in building its brand for both defense and offense, and that, by extension, American solar panel manufacturers should invest in branding, not protectionism.

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Factory in a Cloud; Part 2

25th April 2012 By Zach Lyman

In our continuing research into rise of the maker movement, and the impact of additive manufacturing, Eric Carlson takes a project dip into the world of outsourced 3D Printing.

From hobby, to prototyping, to mass production – these technologies are set to fundamentally change how things are made. Here is a report from the front-lines of the revolution.

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